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Montrail Seyon Asia Yangshuo Exploration Race: 18 - 19 September 2004

Organized by:
Seyon Asia Limited

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Event Overview:

Guilin is famous worldwide for its magnificent scenery and is one of China's most popular tourist destinations. As the famous Chinese proverb goes, "The scenery in Guilin is the best under heaven and the scenery in Yangshuo is even better than Guilin's." The standard tourist trip, however, involves sitting on boats or buses and being a spectator as the countryside rolls by.

Instead, Challenge participants will run, bike, raft, clamber through caves, and abseil off cliffs through and in some of the world's most stunning scenery and remote villages as part of a multi-sport adventure race weekend.

Why the Yangshuo Exploration Race:

Yangshuo is a uniquely beautiful location in the world. Seyon Asia Limited organized the first adventure race there in March 2002 with a tremendously positive response from participants, media and the local government. Seyon Asia organized a second race there in September 2002 for The North Face. This race met with even higher acclaim and was broadcast over 3 national TV networks in China. Yangshuo has the advantage of convenient location and good infrastructure. It possesses a modern, international airport one hour away in Guilin and by plane is just over one hour flight from Hong Kong. There are also direct flights to Guilin from Japan, Macau and several southeast Asian cities. Guilin offers international quality accommodation and easy access to karst limestone cliffs, rural villages and clear streams.

The Yangshuo Exlporation Race is a 2-day adventure race. The first day, Saturday, September 18th, 2004 will be the harder day, with the first teams expected to finish in approximately 5 hours. Tired competitors will have to rally on Sunday the 19th for a shorter, but still strenuous adventure challenge of approximately 4 hours for the first teams. Cumulative time for the 2 days will be used to determine the winners. The race format is designed to allow participants time to relax, recover and enjoy the local ambiance in addition to competing.

Challenge Events:

Over the course of 2 days, participants in the Yangshuo Exploration Race will have to complete the following events:
  • Mountain trail running
  • Mountain biking
  • Paddling native boats and swimming
  • Map navigation
  • Negotiation of an underground cave
  • Various rope challenges on the surrounding limestone cliffs.

    Additional Race Information:

    Regular updates for participants including full race rules, optional training courses, course route updates and suggested kit lists will appear on the web page

    Bike Rental Information:

    For those not wishing to bring their mountain bike to China, we can arrange for the rental of high quality Bohdisattva Mountain Bikes, bike helmets, etc. Please contact Bohdi directly at if interested. For those content with a cheaper and heavier local bike this can be arranged for RMB 50 per day. Please let the organizer know if you wish to arrange such bike rental: