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Taipo Mountain Marathon Report, Dec 21, 2008

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Habitat Property KOTH Taipo Mountain Marathon 21 December 2008. Sunny and breezy with temperatures between 22-27C. (Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong)

Full Marathon – Newlyweds Victorious

Cosmo Boy Law Chor Kin got married this year, but that didn’t stop him from showing a clean pair of heals to the rest of the field on a day that turned out warmer than runners would have liked. Law made his move after the Lai Chi Wo water stop and ran alone over the last 12 km, increasing his lead as he went.

M50+ Ng Chau Yan ran a sensational race to come in second overall and set a new age group record. Ng managed to maintain a steady pace while those around him wilted in the heat. Ng was only in 7th place at the halfway point, but seemed to have no trouble catching and passing runners after that.

Simon Wiggs completed is first KOTH full marathon and garnered 3rd place overall and second in the open category with Tam Siu Kan (male open) and Patrick Ford (M45+) hot on his heels. Another amazing 50+ runner, Chan Hoi Nam, was close behind, followed by the first M40+ runner, orienteer Barry Hung.

Rupert Chamberlain was next in and barely had time to clean up before his 7-month old twin daughters arrived to congratulate him. Also noteworthy was Koichi Ota who had a boisterous cheering section waiting for his finish and Tim Halworth, who finished 1 second over 5 hours last year, but managed to finish more than 2 minutes under this time.

Chan Kiu Heep set a new course record in the M55+ category, ahead of Wong Kam Ming and Paul Tsang. Lee Kwok Kwong crossed the line in a very credible 5:33:55 and proudly announced, “I’m 67 years old.” Well done, sir!

The women’s race was also a battle of newlyweds. The more recently married (October) Hiko Holmes set a new female course record while holding off summer bride Lee Bik Sai. Leung Wiwin was third, just ahead of the first female veteran, Cheng Yuk. Low Yin Ngor and Leung Siu Fung rounded out the female veteran podium spots.

Half Marathon – Stone in a Hurry

Tsang Siu Keung Stone surprised no one when he arrived at the halfway point first, but surprised everyone when he said that he was running the half marathon rather than his normal full marathon. It turns out that Stone is also recently married and has other demands on his time. As a result, he plans to run the half marathons this year. To his credit, Stone became only the third person after Gary Mandy and Neil Tait to record Taipo half marathon finishes of under 1:40.

Bob Shorrock celebrated joining the M45+ age group with a course record and second place overall finish, ahead of new dad, Jeremy Ritchey and first time participant, Eric LaHale.

Leung Ping moved into the M50+ category and missed the age group course record by less than a minute. He was followed by Peter Northam (2nd in the M45+ category), Anthony Davies (1st, - M40+) and Choi Fu Loi (2nd, - M50+).

Tsang Sin You won the M55+ category with Peter Wong second and Law Kwong Chow third.

Lucy Marriot, who works for our title sponsor, Habitat Property, was the first woman across the line, comfortably ahead of Rosanna Wan and Lam Lai Po. Ho Kan Lam won the female veterans race, followed by Luk Yuen Yee and Joanne Vonlanthen.

The next race in the series takes place on January 4th, 2009 in Sai Kung Country Park. See for details.

Keith Noyes
Race Director

Half Marathon Results:

MO: 1) Tsang Siu Keung (1:39:37); 2) Jeremy Ritchey (1:44:08); 3) Eric LaHaie (1:45:27)
MV-40: 1) Anthony Davies (1:55:36); 2) Lee Yu Ming (2:00:12); 3) Cameron Jenks, (2:11:13)
MV-45: 1) Bob Shorrock (1:41:52); 2) Peter Northam (1:54:11); 3) Derek Irwin (2:05:03)
MV-50: 1) Leung Ping, (1:53:54); 2) Choi Fu Loi, (1:57:48); 3) Leung On, (2:26:29)
MV-55: 1) Tsang Sing You (2:09:18); 2) Wong Peter Chung Tung (2:18:44); 3) Law Kwong Chau (2:22:16)
FO: 1) Lucy Marriott (2:10:20); 2) Rosanna Wan, 2:21:08; 3) Lam Lai Po, (2:25:40)
FV-40: 1) Ho Kam Lan (2:45:27); 2) Luk Yuen Yee, (2:50:00); 3) Joanne Vonlanthen, (2:52:38)

Full Marathon Results:

MO: 1) Law Chor Kin, (4:03:16); 2) Simon Wiggs, (4:24:47); 3) Tam Siu Kan (4:25:21)
MV-40: 1) Barry Hung, (4:27:56); 2) Kudo Hidea (4:41:10); 3) Tim Hallworth (4:57:47)
MV-45: 1) Patrick Ford (4:25:21); 2) Chan Kwok Keung, (4:51:03); 3) Chan See Kau (4:54:35)
MV-50: 1) Ng Chau Yan, (4:19:15); 2) Chan Hoi Nam, (4:26:16); 3) Tso Chun Bong, (4:58:35)
MV-55: 1) Chan Kiu Heep, (5:12:05); 2) Wong Kam Ming (5:26:16); 3) Paul Tsang (5:28:30)
FO: 1) Hiko Holmes (4:52:20); 2) Lee Bik Sai, Ida (5:03:26); 3) Leung Wiwin (5:57:44)
FV-40: 1) Cheng Yuk, (5:58:37); 2) Lo Yin Ngor (6:01:13); 3) Leung Siu Fung (6:24:49)