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Taipo Mountain Marathon - Sunday, December 16, 2001

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Cool weather + top field = Very Fast Times

Cool weather and the challenging Taipo Mountain Marathon course enticed a strong field of trail runners with some very fast times resulting. Alex Morgan blitzed the mountainous course in a new record 3:43:42 in front of several of the Trailwalker runner up Cosmo Boys. Morgan dominated from start to finish and made his attention to retain his King of the Hills title for another year. Lau Yu Chun was second, more than 6 minutes behind, and is tied with Morgan for the series lead with one victory each. Another Cosmo Boy, Shih Wa Hing was third while KK Chan was fourth in a veteran record time of 3:57:24.

Only a few months removed from giving birth and just weeks after competing in the grueling Southern Traverse, Barbara Stockman blew away the women's course record in a stunning 4:27:33. Fellow mom Jenny Roper also set a record in the female veteran's category with a 5:04:25 time.

Also of note in the full marathon was Marc Progin's v-55 time of 5:00:06 and Alan MacTaggart who flew back from Grand Rapids, Michigan that morning. Upon landing, Alan went directly to the start line with luggage in hand and managed to complete the course.

Competitors also smoked the half marathon in record times. John Power squeezed under the 4-year old course record to finish in 1:45:45. According to other runners, he was loping up the steep stairs of Cloudy Hill and bounding down the technical Pat Sin trails. Regular Action Asia winner Chris Fjelddahl was second in 1:51:23.

Ian Roper finally made good on his longstanding promise to best the veteran's record and did so impressively in 1:53:59, ahead of financial wizard Rob Appleby. Just behind Rob, Chiaki Fjelddahl was setting a new female course record of her own, 1:59:48. Also joining the record breaking party was female veteran Marie-Helene Arnauld whose 2:02:20 shattered the previous f-40 record.

Rounding out the winner's circle, John Tanner won the M-55+ title, ahead of his usual competitors Peter Widmer and Bob Nipperess.

The next race in the series takes place in Lantau on January 6th. See for further details.

Results - Full Marathon
Male Open: 1) Alex Morgan, 3:43:42; 2) Lau Yu Chun, 3:50:18; 3) Shih Wa Hing, 3:51:16
Male Veteran: 1) Chan Kwok Keung, 3:57:24; 2) Mak Ping 4:09:40; 3) Kwok Wah Kun, 4:19:25
Male Senior: 1) Marc Progin, 5:00:06; 2) Lee Kwok Kwong, 5:24:23; 3) Lui Kwok Sing, 5:25:54
Ladies Open: 1) Barbara Stockman, 4:27:33; 2) Fan Sui Ping, 4:54:15; 3) Melissa Frauenfelder, 4:55:45
Ladies Veteran: 1) Jenny Roper, 5:04:25; 2) Fung Yuk Ling, 5:15:33, 3) Patricia Clapacs, 5:28:46

Results - Half Marathon
Male Open: 1) John Power, 1:45:45; 2) Chris Fjelddahl, 1:51:23; 3) Simon Phillips, 1:56:38
Male Veteran: 1) Ian Roper, 1:53:59; 2) Rob Appleby, 1:58:44; 3) Graeme Deuchars, 2:00:20
Male Senior: 1) John Tanner, 2:18:58; 2) Peter Widmer, 2:22:23; 3) Bob Nipperess, 2:36:36
Ladies Open: 1) Chiaki Fjelddahl, 1:59:48; 2) Rachel Sproston, 2:03:50; 3) Chisato Kawasaki, 2:04:10
Ladies Veteran: 1) Marie-Helene Arnauld, 2;02:20; 2) Yau Lan Kiu, 2:29:29; 3) Grace Miranda, 2:33:44

Keith Noyes