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Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon Results, Dec 19, 2010

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The North Face KOTH Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon
(Sham Tseng, Hong Kong. 19 December 2010. 17-24 degrees, sunny and dry.)

KOTH Runners Heat up Tai Mo Shan

One day earlier people were hiking up Tai Mo Shan hoping to see frost. Today they were running up Tai Mo Shan chasing King of the Hills (or Queen of the Hills) glory. As the mercury rose, those who had optimistically pushed beyond their limits suffered while those who paced themselves well achieved far better results. William Davies, fresh off besting a field of 4,000 the previous week had no trouble winning this week either in a fine time of 3:54:00. Olya Korzh continued her recent run of good form to win the women’s race.

Full Marathon – Davies Wins Despite Handicapping Himself

Despite not one, but two wrong turns, William Davies proved that his current form was more than equal to the challenge of overcoming his penchant for getting lost on courses he’s raced several times. None of the competition that made last season so compelling (Stone Tsang, Darren Benson, or Jeremy Ritchey) lined up at the start due to various injuries. Still William decided to make the race interesting by running an extra km in the early in the race, and then ran an extra km for kicks near Ho Pui Reservoir. Once he settled down, however, his form was too good. Early race leader Seth Fischer decided to run the half marathon and M-45 veteran Michael Maddess didn’t have the pace to resist. William finished comfortably ahead of the field in 3:54:00.

Michael Maddess just missed setting a new M45 course record on a course that he has always raced well. He was just able to stay ahead of Eric LaHaie who finished third (second in the open category). M45 Andrew Thomson finished 4th overall but had to settle for second in his category thanks to Mr. Maddess.

Rupert Chamberlain had thought 4th place was in his grasp when he passed Andrew going up the last hill, only to have Andrew go thundering past him on the down hill to the finish. However, it was Rupert’s first good race of the season and it earned him the top spot in the M40 category. In response to the question of what he had done differently to prepare for this race, Rupert cited a very long carbo-loading lunch on Friday as the difference maker.

After open category runners AJ Silbermagi and Chan Wai Yiu came in the veteran’s took over. M55 Chan Hoi Nam ran a spectacular race to obliterate the course age record. Less than 3 minutes later M50 Chan See Kau set a new course age record as well.

With Trailwalker, the Macau Half Marathon and Action Asia under her belt, Olya Korzh felt confident about her chances in the full marathon. With pre-race favorite, Claire Price, no where to be seen at the starting line, Olya was even more comfortable with her decision to run the full. Nora Senn provided a strong challenge, but in the end Olya was able to claim her first KOTH victory. Meanwhile, Nora was perhaps the happiest runner in the race. This was her first time running this KOTH course and she described herself as blown away by the scenery and enjoying herself so much that she never noticed the pain of going up and down Tai Mo Shan. Tam Kar Bik was the third female open runner across the line.

Ida Lee continues to put the frustrations of a disappointing Trailwalker year behind her. She not only won the F40 category, she was uncharacteristically seen sprinting at the end to stay ahead of a competitive bloke trying to challenge her. Chun Luen Lai ran a seemingly effortless pace to finish second in a deep female veterans field that featured 11 finishers.

Half Marathon – “Glad I Switched to the Half…

The day Seth Fischer signed up for the series his testosterone level must have been high because he signed up for the full marathons. However, race morning found him a bit less punchy so he switched to the half marathon and then proceeded to run away from everyone. Upon winning he humbly pointed out that none of the people who had beaten him in previous years were present, but in fact he ran a very good race and has been in good form since the Boston Marathon last spring.

Open runner Clement Dumont came home in second, a bit ahead of M40 Paul Dingley who claimed to be feeling his age. 4th place overall went to M50 category winner Leung Ping who continues to show no signs of aging.

Jeannette Holmes-Thomson ran a sensational race to finish 5th overall while wounding several fragile male egos along the way. Jeannette is now completely over childbirth and not in the mood to take any prisoners.

Jan Littlewood rounded out the open category podium finishers, Choi Fu Loi finished strongly to claim the second M50 podium spot, Peter Faarbaek grabbed top honors in the M45 category and Claire Chapman raced strongly to be the second women home just ahead of Elsa Jeandedieu.

In a tight battle, Nadia Koucha beat Catherine Leonard to win the F40 race and Wong Kam Ming topped the M55s.

Unsurprisingly, Wong Peter Chun Tong won the newly created M60 division, though he was chased hard by two Kin Hang runners, Lam Ngok Kam and Law Kwong Chow.

Marlboro Ann Miles drew first blood in the new F50 division and immediately claimed that she’d like to see the same category added to the full marathon series, though frankly she looked quite happy to be finished and drinking a cold beverage at the time.

The series; take place in Lantau on Sunday, 9 January 2011. The race features the shortest and easiest of the half marathon courses, but definitely the roughest and most challenging of the full marathon courses. For further information, please see

Finally, a special thanks to title sponsor The North Face, drinks sponsor Swire Coca-cola and the fabulous marshals who spent their day making things easy for the runners.

Happy trails!

Keith Noyes
Race Director

KOTH Sham Tseng Full Marathon Results 19 December 2010

MO 1) William Davis, 3:54:00; 2) Eric LaHaie, 4:10:43; 3) AJ Silbermagi, 4:26:15
M40 1) Rupert Chamberlain, 4:22:21; 2) Cheng Sai Kit, Alger, 4:52:42; 3) Yuen Kwok Man, 5:02:39
M45 1) Michael Maddess, 4:10:01; 2) Andrew Thomson, 4:21:55; 3) Tse Hin Wing, 5:12:57
M50 1) Chan See Kau, 4:31:47; 2) Ng Chau Yan, 4:46:10; 3) Wong Tze Wan, 4:59:51
M55 1) Chan Hoi Nam, 4:28:44; 2) Chan Kiu Heep, 5:26:19; 3) Claus Rolf, 5:37:53
FO 1) Olya Korzh, 4:51:03; 2) Nora Senn, 4:55:51; 3) Tam Kar Bik, 6:03:51
F40 1) Lee Bik Sai, Ida, 5:26:22; 2) Chun Luen Lai, 5:59:36, 3) Kng Poey Lyn, Carolyn, 6:10:36

KOTH Sham Tseng Half Marathon Results 19 December 2010

MO 1) Seth Fischer, 2:13:44; 2) Clement Dumont, 2:2013; 3) Jan Littlewood, 2:29:37
M40 1) Paul Dingley, 2:23:14; 2) James Musgrave, 2:39:26; 3) Ma Sun Keung, 2:43:49
M45 1) Peter Faarbaek, 2:37:08; 2) John McKinven, 2:58:47; 3) Kris Larsson, 3:01:58
M50 1) Leung Ping, 2:26:29, 2) Choi Fu Loi, 2:31:46; 3) Mark Leeper, 2:40:33
M55 1) Wong Kam Ming, 2:52:27; 2) Luk Yin Hung, 3:05:18; 3) Lee Man Wai, 3:12:03
M60 1) Wong Peter Chun Tong, 2:56:36; 2) Lam Ngok Kam, 3:01:40; 3) Law Kwong Chow, 3:02:30
FO 1) Jeannette Holmes-Thomson, 2:27:43; 2) Claire Chapman, 2:39:09; 3) Elsa Jeandedieu, 2:39:51
F40 1) Nadia Koucha, 2:48:16; 2) Catherine Leonard, 2:50:53; 3) Susan Mifsud, 3:10:08
F50 1) Ann Miles, 3:28:40; 2) Evelyn Fowler, 4:06:46