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Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon Report, 24 Feb, 2008

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KOTH Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon
(Sham Tseng, Hong Kong. 24 February 2008. 12-15 degrees, occasional showers and breezy.)

Full Marathon – Davies Romps Home

After running the third fastest time in the history of the race in 2007, William Davies improved to record the second fastest time this year. His 3:46:29 finish, ranks behind only Neil Tait’s 2005 course blitzkrieg. William ran just behind the lead half marathoners until the course split and then had to run solo the rest of the way. It was truly cold up on Tai Mo Shan, so there certainly wasn’t any incentive for William to slow down.

If William had stopped to look back, he would have seen Rob James trailing 8 minutes behind and enjoying his best race of the season. Rob not only finished second overall, he broke the M40+ course record by 10 minutes to boot. Rob took this race seriously enough to practice the course ahead of time over Chinese New Year and this familiarity obviously paid off.

Despite an unplanned circumnavigation of Ho Pui Reservoir, Chuck Cosman finished third overall and second in the open category. He was only 6 seconds ahead of the sccond M40+ vet, Andrew Thomson. These two will be teaming up race together in Sabah over Easter so its good to see that their times are similar.

M45+ Patrick Ford lowered his own age group course record by 51 seconds, while claiming 5th place overall. Next in came Peter Lee (third place open) and Chan See Kau (second place M45+). Two M50’s Leung Wing Leung, first, and Ng Chau Yan, second, followed before Wong Tze Yan captured the third M45+ prize. Tim Hallworth was the third M40.

In the ladies race, Lam Lai Po started conservatively, but soon powered to the front and ran effortlessly to win in a time of 4:50:50. Cosmo Girl Lee Bik Sai, Ida finished second, some 13 minutes behind. Hiko Takeda finished third, but could have gone significantly faster if she hadn’t consented to running the race with he boyfriend the entire way.

Road speedster Melissa Yeung Mei Lun shaved 5 minutes off the ladies veteran’s record with a new veteran best time of 5:14:55. Had the course been less slippery on the day, we imagine that her time would have been considerably faster. Leung Siu Kuen was second and Ma Yan Wah third.

Half Marathon – Bragging Rights to King and Price

Chastened after the Hong Kong Island race, Adrian King threw tactics to the wind and just went for it with “catch me if you can” abandon. The rewards for his efforts were race victory, a course PB and victory in the series.

Jeremy Ritchey, who was vying with Adrian for the series crown, had no choice but to try to follow. Unfortunately, this led to suffering later in the race and opened the door for Jan Littlewood (2nd place) and Stefano Passarello (third place) to slip past him.

M40 Tim McCosker finished 5th, just ahead of M45 Derek Irwin with male open Kevin Claus 7th overall.

The run of the day went to 8th place finisher Claire Price. She was not only the first female across the line, she improved upon the ladies’ course record by 5 minutes. Claire has been training very hard of late, but at the Trailwalker awards ceremony 2 nights earlier, her training apparently included multiple Vodka Red Bulls. Claire has always had excellent stamina, but she has recently found speed to go along with that stamina.

Just behind Claire came the second M40, Nick Chappell, and the second M45, Leung Ping, followed by the third M40, Peter Faarbaek, the first M50, Choi Fu Loi, and the third M45, Mark Leeper.

Lucy Marriot followed with the second best women’s time of the day (in many years her 2:29 would be good enough for victory).

Wong Peter Chun Tong won the M55 category again. Peter had also tried to practice the course a few weeks earlier and gotten quite lost. He was very happy to have markings to follow, rather than relying on a map, this time around. Other podium finishers in the men’s bracket included Tsang Sin You (M50 2nd), Tsukasa Kimura (M50 3rd), John Antweiller (M55 2nd), and Arata Tokokazu (M55 3rd).

Road warrior, Catherine Leonard, won the ladies vet race, a few minutes ahead of Anne Knecht-Boyer with Wong Yin Yee third.

The finale of the season is the annual awards dinner, which will take place Thursday evening 6th March in Delaneys in Wanchai. This is your chance to swap stories with fellow trail runners, collect pictures of yourself from the series and salute all of the category winners and the King and Queen of the Hills. Registration forms are available on
Happy trails!
Keith Noyes

KOTH Sham Tseng Full Marathon Results 24 February 2008

MO 1) William Davis, 3:46:29; 2) Chuck Cosman, 4:04:52; 3) Peter Lee, 4:11:39
M40 1) Rob James, 3:55:04; 2) Andrew Thomson, 4:04:58; 3) Tim Hallworth, 4:53:31
M45 1) Patrick Ford, 4:09:09; 2) Chan See Kau, 4:18:43; 3) Wong Tze Wan, 4:37:54
M50 1) Leung Wing Leung, 4:34:49; 2) Ng Chau Yan, 4:35:55; 3) Ho Hon Ming, 4:45:49
M55 1) Tom Walker, 5:23:5; 2) Law Kwong Chow, 5:29:59; 3) Yeung Wing Kai, 5:41:50
FO 1) Lam Lai Po, 4:50:50; 2) Lee Bik Sai, Ida, 5:03:58; 3) Hiko Takeda, 5:5:27:53
FV 1) Yeung Mei Lun, 5:14:55; 2) Leung Siu Kuen, 5:34:05; 3) Ma Yan Wah, 5:40:57

KOTH Sham Tseng Half Marathon Results 24 February 2008

MO 1) Adrian King, 2:07:57; 2) Jan Littlewood, 2:10:50; 3) Stefano Passarello, 2:15:32
M40 1) Tim McCosker, 2:17:18; 2) Nick Chappell, 2:23:36; 3) Peter Faarbaek, 2:26:38
M45 1) Derek Irwin, 2:19:43; 2) Leung Ping, 2:24:03; 3) Mark Leeper, 2:29:14
M50 1) Choi Fu Loi, 2:26:50; 2) Tsang Sing You, 2:45:24; 3) Tsukasa Kimura, 2:53:32
M55 1) Wong Peter Chun Tong, 2:40:54; 2) John Antweiller, 3:06:25; 3) Arata Tokokazu, 3:20:24
FO 1) Claire Price, 2:20:55; 2) Lucy Marriott, 2:29:28; 3) Chow Pui Yan, 2:41:52
FV 1) Catherine Leonard, 2:53:53; 2) Anne Knecht-Boyer, 2:56:37; 3) Wong Yin Yee, 3:11:28