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Sai Kung Mountain Marathon Report, 20 Dec 2009

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20 December 2009 (Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong, blue skies, breezy and 14-18 degrees)

The North Face King of the Hills Sai Kung Mountain Marathon – A Great Start to the Series
A record crowd of nearly 400 runners started in perfect weather conditions in Sai Kung Country Park this morning.

Full Marathon – 2 Second Margin

William Davies and Darren Benson race nip and tuck for over 3.5 hours before a final push saw Darren finish 2 seconds ahead of William in a very tight race. Each blamed the other for forcing a relentless pace throughout the race. Peter Lee finished in 3rd setting a new M40+ record in the process. Cosmo Boy Law Chor Kin was next across the line, followed by M-40 John McKinven with his best result in several years.

In the ladies full marathon, Claire Price dominated from the beginning and easily set a new women’s course record. Claire credited the perfect weather conditions for the fast time. Claire came in 6th overall by the way, frustrating several men who had hoped to keep up with her.

Ng Chau Yan picked up where he left off last year, winning the M50+ race again, while Kin Hang teammate Chan Hoi Nam set a new course record in the M55+ category.

Fresh off setting a new Trailwalker mixed team record this year, Lee Bik Sai was the second women and also the second veteran woman across the line. Old friend Carolyn Kng returned to the trails after a year of road racing injuries to place third.

Half Marathon – Express from Japan

Fujio Miyachi really likes King of the Hills. He likes it so much in fact, that he plans his business trips to HK around KOTH races. Having learned the course last year, Fujio dominated it this year, finishing well clear of Erich Felbabel and Martin Kennard (who recently went to Japan to run a 2:36 road marathon.)

Open category racers claimed the first 7 places before Peter Northam broke through to win the MV45 category, closely followed by MV40 Anthony Davies. Peter Faarbaek was the 2nd MV45 runner and Nicolas Ball the second MV40 runner. Derek Irwin won the battle of MV50s over Leung Ping in what should be a season long contest between contrasting styles with Derek probably having the greater foot speed on the flats and Leung Ping having more mountain DNA.

Lucy Marriott missed the women’s half marathon course record by only 28 seconds on her way to a convincing win. Several blokes were pleased to still be running with her at the first checkpoint, only to be blown away when she turned on the jets along the coast after Yung Shue O. Michelle Aukland was the second open female, followed by Jeannette Holmes-Thomson in an impressive post-natal return to racing.

Catherine Leonard picked up where she left off last season, again winning the female veteran’s race. This time she bested her closest competitor, Grace Balintong, by a mere 30 seconds.

The men’s MV55 race was missing a couple of its marquee runners, but a close battle was joined between Yu Tung Bo and Bernie Walker, with Mr. Yu finally securing a 12-second victory.

The next race takes place on Lantau on Sunday, 10th January. This is the easiest of the half marathon courses, but the hardest of the full marathons, featuring several steep climbs and descents on very rugged terrain. See for further details.

Happy trails.

Keith Noyes
Race Director

The North Face KOTH Sai Kung Mountain Marathon Results, 20 December 2009

Half Marathon Results:

MO: 1) Fujio Miyachi 1:31:28; 2) Erich Felbabel,1:35:07; 3) Martin Kennard, 1:37:07
MV-40: 1) Anthony Davies, 1:44:14; 2) Nicolas Ball, 1:53:41; 3) Stuart Gates, 1:55:23
MV-45: 1) Peter Northam,1:42:27; 2) Peter Faarbaek, 1:49:14; 3) Mark Leeper, 1:56:41
MV-50: 1) Derek Irwin 1:47:40; 2) Leung Ping, 1:49:51; 3) Choi Fu Loi, 1:54:14
MV-55: 1) Yu Tung Bo, 2:22:05; 2) Bernie Walker; 2:23:17; 3) Bob Nipperess, 2:26:42
FO: 1) Lucy Marriott, 1:445:47; 2) Michelle Aukland, 2:03:20; 3)Jeannette Holmes-Thomson, 2:07:09
FV-40: 1) Catherine Leonard, 2:05:04; 2) Grace Balintong, 2:07:52; 3) Wai Lai Ping, 2:17:01

Full Marathon Results:

MO: 1) Darren Benson, 3:35:23, 2) William Davies;, 3:35:25; 3) Law Chor Kin, 4:05:03
MV-40: 1) Peter Lee, 3:53:19; 2) John McKinven, 4:09:13, 3) Hung Fan Tai, 4:20:30
MV-45: 1) Chan Wai Man, 5:04:31; 2) Wong Tin Ming, 5:14:17; 3) Kwok Ching Po, 5:27:32
MV_50: 1) Ng Chau Yan, 4:26:35; 2) Ota Koichi, 4:42:31; 3) Wong Tze Wan, 4:45:30
MV-55: 1) Chan Hoi Nam, 4:39:33; 2) Law Kwong Chow, 4:45:28; 3) Chan See Kau, 4:56:47
FO: 1) Cheung Ping Ting, 5:46:18; 2) Pang Lok Man, 6:17:10; 3) Virginia Brooks, 6:20:51
FV-40: 1) Claire Price, 4:18:36; 2) Lee Bik Sai, 5:08:37; 3) Carolyn Kng, 5:37:44