Seyon Asia Limited
The North Face Asia Challenge Series - Yangshuo:
Participating Teams

Team # Team Name Participant Name Category
1 Team ORBIS Green David Greig male
    Olivier Streun male
2 Guess Who? Ng Yu Ming male
    Chow Pui Yan male
3 7A Xpress Au Ka Kuen male
    Ng Yu Wing male
4 Thunderlarra Charles Wittenoom male
    Michael Anderson male
5 Camelbak Liu Wai Ming, Haston female
    Yarn Yih Feng female
6 Les Cenobites Tranquiles Frederic Platevoet male
    Stephane Foullon male
7 Green Coaster Yee Hing Tong male
    Yeung Chi Kuen male
8 One for the Road Claire Price mixed
    John Saunders mixed
9 Team 100 Peter Davis Hopkins 100/male
    Dale Allen Burnworth 100/male
10 The Forty Somethings Justin Frank Hardcastle male
    Peter Neumann male
11 Action Asia Gordon Oldham mixed
    Simona Di Saverio mixed
12 Aloha Louise Ormond mixed
    Sean P. Alexander mixed
13 The Moghuls of Moonhill James Muir male
    Piers Touzel male
14 40 Double D David Boyle male
    John Duncan McNally male
15 Esperado Wong Wai Kin male
    Shum Yiu Fai male
16 Covenanters Alan McTaggart male
    Frank Marriott male
17 Bohdi/United Airlines Doug Cousineau mixed
    Mira Orell mixed
18 Ford No Boundaries Daniel Brown male
    Pedro Pinto Riberio male
19 Cookie Monsters Franz Nel mixed
    Lia Paes mixed
20 Frog Legs Jane Lanhee Lee mixed
    Xavier Naville mixed
21 Yellow Ghosts Aya Tanaka female
    Mizue Ishino female
22 Team FEAR GS Steve Corbin male
    Grant Mason male
23 10 Commandments Simon Pritchard male
    Andrew Chetham male
24 Remix Hong Kong John Frederick Diener mixed
    Geraldine Yun Shen mixed
25 Levelers Brian (Rex) Engelking male
    Mark VanCott male
26 Team Green David Kilburn male
    Rene Frauenfelder male
27 Hong Kong Whippets Tsz-yan Man mixed
    Chris Gradel mixed
28 Team Kappa Ho Wayman male
    Allen Chan male
29 Team Dead Cow Martin Arnold male
    Andrew R. Henderson male
30 Fat Boys Andrew Riddick male
    Rob Rankin male
31 Cowboy Flunkies Brian Grossman male
    Adrian King male
32 Starsky & Hutch Paul Richard Jeffery male
    Sean James Ripley male
33 Fortune Cookies Julie Mackenzie female
    Mariette Faber female
34 Insanity Neil Watson male
    Chris Mooney male
35 Team Firefly Torbjorn Fjelddahl male
    Guillaume Ponticelli male
36 BEX Simon Black mixed
    Marianne Hurley mixed
37 Team Taboo Tammy Marie Baltz female
    Mary Ruth Craig female
38 Hooch Ian Smith male
    Paul Su male
39 Double Trouble Michelle Blaydon female
    Laura Walsh female
40 Asia Non Stop Chris Fjelddahl mixed
    Chiaki Fjelddahl mixed
41 Shui Xian Two Audrey Schroeder mixed
    Martin Voon Kwok Peu mixed
42 Da Ge Zwahlen Philippe male
    Lorne Donald Cheeseman male
43 Oh No! Mark Donald Ralson male
    Adrian Wheeler male
44 Oh Yes! Mark Basford male
    Philip Metcalfe male
45 Team Lycra Party Boys Antony Keith Russell male
    Paul David Myers male
46 Protrek Challenge the Limit Mak Ping Yin male
    Poon Fu Hing male
47 Asia Non Stop Too Nicolas Gontard male
    Philippe Guillo male
48 Cool Running Tabitha Bond female
    Rebecca Bond female
49 Perfect Strangers Tony Stone mixed
    Marcy Trent Long mixed
50 Tamalpais Dirk Long male
    Chris Justice male
51 Monkey & Stilt Vincent Patrick Haggerty male
    James Douglas Albritton male
52 Its all about the bike Harry De Pree male
    Theo Kaitis male
53 Last Minute William Eldridge Goins mixed
    Maren Brockmann mixed
54 Team Hackett Robert George Ashley male
    Brian (K.F.) Leong male
55 Bohdification Paul Stepanek male
    John Barnes male
56 Kinhang 100 Yip Ching 100/male
    Wong Pak Kun 100/male
57 Kinhang One Ho Man Ho male
    Suen Fu Kwok male
58 Kinhang Super Mix Lo Man Tung mixed
    Leung Shiu Fung mixed
59 Kinhang Runners Leung King Yan, Anthony male
    Mui Sheung Wing male
60 Kinghang Touch Chow Wo Kwan 100/mix
    Keung Tsui Yuk, Kantry 100/mix
61 Guilin Adventurers Zhang Jialun PRC/male
    Huang Zhuoyun PRC/male
62 Tang Gu La Ren Tong PRC/fem
    Gu Haiyan PRC/fem
63 Lan Tian Zhao Chen PRC/male
    Lei Shaohua PRC/male
64 Ning Jin Kang Sha Xu Tiejun PRC/male
    Zhu Zhenhuan PRC/male
65 Freebird (Ziyou Niao) Pang Xun PRC/female
    Yang Xiaolan PRC/female
66 Youmu Ren Zhang Bin PRC/male
    Shao Hui PRC/male
67 Feng Yu Xue Hu Dongyue PRC/male
    Ying Ran PRC/male
68 SFS Dui Zhao Yuyan PRC/mix
    Zhang Jun PRC/mix
69 Beijing Yanjie ZhuYanjie PRC/male
    Cheng Congxiang PRC/male
70 Feng Xiang Biao Wang Xiaoqian PRC/mix
    Zhang Yingjie PRC/mix
71 International Dimensions Carl Fey mixed
    Natalia Fey mixed
72 Bohdi/United 2 Bjorn Bergren male
    Michael Maddess male