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Check out all the details about The North Face Asia Challenge Series - Yangshuo.

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    Mountain Bike Shipping to Guilin/Yangshuo:

    For those flying on the Dragon Air group flight, Dragon Air will not guaranty space for bicycles as part of check in luggage. (The reason being is that the fly an Airbus A320 on the Guilin route and this plain has limited cargo space.) To avoid problems, we have arranged for overland shipping through COSCO. Those wishing to bring their own bikes will need to pack their bicycles and bring them to COSCO approximately 3-4 days prior to the race. These bicycles will be waiting for participants when they arrive in Guilin and will be shipped back to Hong Kong approximately 3-4 days after the event. The cost for bicycle shipping will not exceed HK$200 per bicycle. Please contact for further details.

    Bike Rental Information:

    For those not wishing to bring their mountain bike to China, there are a few choices:

    • At the last race, Bohdisattva Mountain Bikes provided bicycle rental, helmet and glove rental, etc. To enquire about their charges, please contact them at

    • We can source decent quality locally made mountain bikes in the Yangshuo area. They are on the heavy side, but serviceable (the organizer recce'd the course on one of them). The cost for the weekend is RMB50. Please let the organizer know if you wish to arrange such bike rental: