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    Protrek Guilin Kit List and (Hopefully) Helpful Hints

    Required Kit
    • Valid Chinese entry visa

    • 1 mountain bike per participant

    • 1 cycle or climbing helmet per participant

    • 1 climbing harness per participant abseiling

    • 1 Fig. 8 or other abseil device (ATC or tuber style)

    • 2 locking karabiners per participant abseiling

    • 1 sewn sling (minimum 50 cm in circumference) per participant abseiling

    • 1 flashlight/headlamp per participant

    • 1 windbreaker per participant (waterproof or water resistant is best)

    • 1 compass per team

    • airport departure tax (approximately 100 RMB for international flights)

    Highly Recommended Kit
    • Backpack of suitable size to hold helmet, harness, flotation device, clothing + minimum 1 liter of water

    • Full finger gloves (leather palm for abseiling is best)

    • Spare innertubes or patch kit + bicycle pump/air cartridges (there is a section of trail that goes past thorn bushes)

    • Good running shoes

    • Personal first aid kit

    • Extra sewn sling

    • Leggings/tights

    • Thermal top

    • Sunglasses/sun cream

    • Hat

    • Whistle

    Nice to Have
    • Camera (waterproof if you want to take it on the race)

    • Comfortable change of clothing and walking shoes (expected temperature range 10-20 degrees Celsius with occasional drizzle at this time of year)

    • Spending money (Yangshuo has great restaurants, pubs and souvenirs to buy)

    Hints and Suggestions
    • Make sure you have a valid China visa!!!!!

    • If you wish to wear bicycle cleats, you will have to carry your running shoes with you during the bike sections.

    • You will pick up a life jacket at the local raft section on day 1 and have to carry it with you for the following 18 km run to use again for the final swim. You will keep it with you overnight and use it again for the rafting at the start of day 2, after which you will turn it over to the marshals and not need it again.

    • Be prepared to get wet and bring appropriate clothing (the local rafts take some getting used to).

    • The water is cold this time of year.

    • Be prepared for tire punctures - there are a few thorn bushes along the trail.

    • Stone steps along the trail are particularly treacherous when wet.

    • Best to be aware at all times of local village traffic. The course passes through several remote villages and the local people have never had to be alert for passing mountain bikes, runners, etc. This is doubly true for their livestock.

    • For those desiring contact with the outside world, Yangshuo has several internet cafes with surprisingly quick connections. Mobile phone reception is also excellent generally and much easier to use than hotel switchboard operators. Just make sure that you have China roaming service.